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With its ValueSimulatorTM software suite Radios enables investment professionals to conduct all financial analysis within a single integrated framework of valuation and analysis tools.

ValueSimulatorTM software suite enables investment professionals to:
  • Scrutinizing a company's competitive advantage and overall strategy
  • Quantifying market expectations embedded in share prices
  • Adopting economic profitability and other metrics of a company's performance.

Radios ValueSimulatorTM software will assist this differentiation by allowing analysts to apply their industry knowledge with greater creativity. Its software will also allow our clients to better filter the massive information flow they funnel into their investment decisions.

ValueSimulator'sTM unique approach to valuation will enable organisations to run valuations and simulations in the most efficient and accurate way. Its revolutionary user interface will help customers to focus on the most critical business aspects rather than spending most of the time on “number crunching”.

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